Easily Cut Cold Butter With A Kitchen Gadget Trick - Yahoo

Easily Cut Cold Butter With A Kitchen Gadget Trick  Yahoo

Easily Cut Cold Butter With A Kitchen Gadget Trick - Yahoo
If you've ever baked a batch of scones or muffins — or rolled out a homemade pie crust — you know the dilemma of working with cold butter. From a baking science perspective, you need the butter to be very cold so that it coats the grains of flour and retains some of its shape as you make the dough. On the other hand, have you ever tried to squish and squeeze cold butter? Very frustrating. If you find yourself wrestling with cold butter a lot, there's an easier way to deal with it as long as you have a particular kitchen gadget: an egg slicer.

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Easily Cut Cold Butter With A Kitchen Gadget Trick - Yahoo Life

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